Dog Training

Training is provided on a 1 -2-1 with Puppy/Dog & their owners.  The first consultation will involve carrying out a full assessment of your dog's training requirements. Individual sessions are then tailored to successfully meet these needs. All training is based on positive reward based training techniques and is carried out within the dogs home and various outdoor environments to ensure the dog and owners fullest potential is achieved. I provide training all over Lanarkshire, including South and North areas. Training covers a wide variety of arears including:-

*  Socialisation and obedience training

*  Behavioural modification 

*  Puppy/clicker training (including toileting, crate training, biting, chewing, basic cues, recall, jumping up, dashing out the door, over excitement and other desired or unwanted behaviours)

*  Unwanted barking

*  Recall 

*  Leash Pulling

*  Walking to Heel

*  Loose Lead Walking

*  Teaching good Impulse control (Listening and Focusing)

*  Lead reactivity

*  Understanding body language

*  Separation anxiety

*  Proofing behaviours, desensitisation to fears/phobias/noise/traffic etc

* Inter dog tension & territorial behaviours

* Resource/Food Guarding

*  Digging, Begging

* Agility sessions

* Teaching working breed games, activities and canine enrichment 

*  Other identified behaviours